Biometric Solutions for Retail

We offer biometric solutions that are colleague-centric, scalable and versatile. Designed specifically for retail, our products tackle:

  • Shrink
  • Safety & Compliance
  • Buddy clocking
  • Access Control & much more.

Colleague Safety

Use biometrics to enhance security of your colleagues, prevent access without compliance and track activity with ease

Loss Prevention

Confront the issue of shrink using failsafe biometric identification for asset and profit protection

Operational Efficiency

Streamline the everyday routines by going keyless and allow colleagues to work freely and with simplicity


Smart Access Control

Ensuring, that only colleagues that should access an area, can access. In addition we identify tailgating, doors left open, unusual events in realtime.


Allowing a colleague to raise an alarm, without raising suspicion. We ensure that if a colleague needs to invoke the duress process, it is second nature.

Time & Attendance

Biometric Clocking. Fast, efficient and reliable. Replacing traditional swipe cards, not only eliminates lost and stolen cards but prevents fraudulent ghost and buddy clocking, a significant overhead for retail.

Messaging Colleagues

Colleague Messaging. Use biometric clocking terminals to reach colleagues with general updates or individual notices. Streamline communication with large teams and re-direct resources simply with on-the-go messaging.

Stock & Waste Management

Simplify whilst providing true accountability for the Management of stock and waste.

Mobile App Management

Providing a holistic view of the store with the convenience and usability of a mobile app for Store & Duty Management.

About Us

Back in 2019, TrueID set out to revolutionise retail using biometrics. Our mission is to put identity into the heart of your business, transforming everyday operations with our innovative approach to solution design, working collaboratively with our customers every step of the way..

Our Values

  • We are obsessed with the Customer Experience
  • We start with "why?"
  • We collaborate because we want to
  • We have courageous conversations

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